Sage 100 Advanced/Premium ERP is the new name for Sage MAS 200 (MAS 200 SQL) software

Sage 100 Advanced ERP software is a 32-bit version of Sage 100 Standard ERP software for Windows. The difference is that it incorporates client/server technology to add new capabilities. When you choose Sage 100 Advanced/Premium ERP (MAS 200) software, you’ll receive key benefits that only client/server architectures can provide, such as more efficient distributed processing, high performance, enhanced data integrity and reliability, remote access support and scalability for large numbers of users. Additionally, a Sage 100 Premium ERP (MAS 200 Microsoft SQL Server) version is available for those requiring the added reliability, security, and integration capabilities of this platform.

Sage 100 Advanced/Premium ERP software includes all the same features and functionality of the Sage 100 Standard ERP (MAS 90) product line; however, because it is client/server based, the performance gains can be up to 20 times greater than Sage 100 Standard ERP (MAS 90) software. Hence, Sage 100 Advanced/premium ERP (MAS 200) is well suited for companies with remote sites, 10 or more users, or large transaction sets.

Sage 100 Advanced/Premium ERP (MAS 200) Modules and Applications

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Core Accounting



Project and Time Management

Customer Relationship Management

Human Resources Management

Business Intelligence and Reporting


Customization, Integration, and Data Imports