When James and Russell worked for the largest Sage resellers in the country, sales was of utmost importance; all the company seemed to care about was getting the customer to buy their product. Unfortunately, they were willing to do almost anything to make a sale – even lie. James and Russell didn’t realize how bad it was until a client asked them how long they had been with the company. Both replied, “About a year,” and the client said that they had been told by the salesperson that every consultant had been with the company for at least 10 years. To the company, implementation was second to sales, and whatever the salesperson said or promised – true or not – was left to be sorted out by the consultant once the salesperson had made their sale and moved on.

James and Russell, however, believe that selling and implementing are equally important. They know that selling software to a customer is only the very beginning of a long-term relationship and that such relationships should absolutely never start with lies and distrust. As they say, honesty is the best policy in any healthy relationship.

When it comes to Sage Software resellers, we’re in a league of our own.  The company name tells you why:


Each of BSP’s staff members is a veteran of corporate America, with years of experience in making companies profitable.  We understand real-world needs, and also know how to meet those needs with practical software systems.


Okay, everybody says they offer “solutions.”  But we go above and beyond what you’re accustomed to getting from a reseller, delivering end-to-end systems that are truly integrated, and really do solve business challenges.


Provide means giving, right?  As in serving, supplying or granting.  That’s what we’re all about – giving you our undivided attention, and supplying you with the kind of service that’s all too rare these days.  Best of all, we’ve got the know-how to deliver superior solutions right the first time, whether it’s an out-of-the-box system or one involving heavy customization.

BSP is a Sage Software Master Developer, an elite designation for innovative and highly trusted programmers. Sage Software has also selected us as an Authorized Partner Select, a Certified Support Center, and a Certified Conversion Specialist, all prestigious certifications requiring rigorous examinations and qualifications.BSP-LLC